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What is High Quality email address?


High-quality results in Listclean represent verified sets of data with a high confidence score. These results signify email addresses that have undergone thorough validation, ensuring accuracy and validity. Prioritizing the use of high-quality data can greatly impact your email delivery rate and campaign success. It indicates email addresses with proper MX records, active mailboxes, and positive responses from SMTP checks.

Key Pointers:

  1. Verified Sets of Data: High-quality results in Listclean represent data sets that have undergone rigorous verification processes, ensuring the accuracy and validity of the email addresses.
  2. High Confidence Score: These results come with a high confidence score, indicating a strong likelihood of the email addresses being valid and active.
  3. Recommended Priority: It is advised to prioritize sending emails to this high-quality data first, as it increases the chances of achieving a high email delivery rate.
  4. Proper MX Records: High-quality results are associated with email addresses that have proper MX records, indicating a higher probability of successful email delivery.
  5. Active Mailbox: The verified data in high-quality results signifies that the email addresses are associated with active mailboxes, increasing the likelihood of engagement and response.
  6. Positive SMTP Check Response: The email addresses in high-quality results have shown proper responses during SMTP checks, indicating their authenticity and deliverability.

By leveraging the high-quality results in Listclean, you can enhance the effectiveness of your email campaigns, improve deliverability rates, and increase engagement with your target audience.


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