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What is a Clean email address?


Listclean considers email addresses as clean when they successfully pass through a comprehensive evaluation process. Our advanced algorithm analyzes various validation parameters to determine the cleanliness and reliability of each email address. By assessing factors like MX records, spam traps, syntax, SMTP checks, and more, Listclean ensures that clean email addresses meet high standards of deliverability and quality.

Key Pointers:

  1. MX Record Verification: Listclean checks the MX (Mail Exchange) records associated with email addresses to verify their authenticity and ensure proper email delivery.
  2. Spam Trap Detection: Our algorithm identifies and flags email addresses that are likely associated with spam traps, reducing the risk of sending emails to potentially harmful addresses.
  3. Syntax Verification: Listclean validates the syntax of email addresses to ensure they adhere to the proper email format and minimize the possibility of invalid or mistyped addresses.
  4. SMTP Checks: By performing SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) checks, Listclean verifies the responsiveness and validity of the email addresses’ associated mail servers.
  5. MTA Validation: Listclean validates the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) associated with email addresses to ensure they are from reputable sources and enhance deliverability.
  6. Role-Based Email Checks: Our algorithm detects and flags email addresses associated with role-based accounts (e.g.,, to help you focus on individual contacts and improve engagement.
  7. Abuse Email Checks: Listclean scans email addresses for any history of abuse complaints to identify potential risks and protect your sender reputation.
  8. Toxic Domain Removal: We identify and exclude email addresses associated with domains known for generating spam or engaging in malicious activities.
  9. Free Email Detection: Listclean flags email addresses that are linked to free email providers, which can indicate a higher risk of low engagement or deliverability issues.
  10. Disposable Email Check: Our algorithm identifies disposable or temporary email addresses commonly used for short-term purposes, helping you focus on more reliable contacts.
  11. DNS Check: Listclean performs DNS (Domain Name System) checks to verify the authenticity and validity of the domain associated with each email address.
  12. Catch-all Email Check: We detect catch-all email addresses that accept all incoming emails, which can impact the accuracy of your email campaign metrics.
  13. Optimize Campaign Delivery: Using Listclean’s clean email addresses improves the deliverability of your email campaigns, ensuring your messages reach the intended recipients’ inboxes.
  14. Enhance Engagement: By focusing on clean email addresses, you can target engaged recipients and increase the chances of higher open rates, click-through rates, and overall campaign success.
  15. Maintain Sender Reputation: Sending emails to clean addresses helps you maintain a positive sender reputation, reducing the risk of being marked as spam or facing deliverability issues.

With Listclean’s robust validation parameters and focus on clean email addresses, you can optimize your email marketing efforts, improve campaign performance, and build stronger connections with your audience.

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