Simple, Honest & Affordable Pricing

Pay as you go plan where you pay only for emails you verify without any monthly charges. Plan starts at $3 only.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

No monthly commitments, you buy email verification credits as needed.

Sign up and get 100 free validations

Included with your Listclean account:

Credits never expire

Volume pricing

100 Free Validations

Customer support

Multiple API Keys

Unknown results are free

Detailed Status Codes

Free Deduplication

List quality analysis

Email Verification Checks

This is the list of validations the Listclean performs.

Syntax verification

Spam traps removal

DNS check

Disposable email check

MX records check

Free email detection

Catch-all email check

Smart duplicates removal

Role-Based email check

Toxic Domain removal

Abuse Email check

Hard Bounce removal

All good, how much should I pay?

The more you verify, the less you pay.

Volume Rates

Up to 100 $0 per verification
Up to 12,500 $0.0004 per verification
Up to 50,000 $0.0003 per verification
Up to 150,000 $0.0002 per verification
Up to 500,000 $0.00016 per verification
> 1,000,000 $0.000135 per verification


over 2,000,000  Contact Us


Here are some common questions about ListClean. Contact us if you don't find what you're looking for.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept all major cards like Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Discover,Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay, Mada PayPal and Instamojo.

Is there a contract to sign?

No contract to sign. You can cancel or change the plan anytime.

In which format I need to upload the email list?

You will need to upload the email list in a CSV and TXT format.

How Can I Upload My Email Lists?

On the dashboard, you have the “Upload  Your File” menu. Click on it and you will see how you can easily upload your files.

How secure is my data?

We know that your email lists are confidential and we do everything we can to make sure that they stay that way. We do not share your data with any third parties.

Do you have pricing for high-volume senders?

We do indeed. If you clean more than 10M, we have a high-volume plan that can meet your needs. Simply contact us.

Do I Need to Install Anything?

No need for that! All you have to do is sign up and submit your list; we will handle the rest.

How fast will you process my lists?

It depends on factors such as list size and quality. We use the best tools and systems in the industry to ensure quick list processing. We verify 50K emails per hour per customer. We can increase the speed if your data is huge.

Does Listclean store my Credit/ Debit card information?

No, Listclean does not collect or store your credit/debit card information.

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